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Celebrating 25 years of Osprey Inflatables!
Keeping Owners in touch
About the site

Online since 2011


The site contains a database of information about owners' boats, a photo gallery and a section providing details about the various models which Osprey, Vector and now eco-marine have produced over the years. However, this site can only develop to its full potential with the support and participation of owners. Please take time to enter your boat into the database, and then forward to me as many pictures and/or stories of your own boating experiences as possible to me at  Any additional information about the history and design of the boats would be particularly welcome. Let me know what you think about the new site on the forum page, and if you are already an owner, don't forget to add your details to the database!

Raison d'être


This Osprey Owners' Association website has been set up to provide a valuable resource for owners and prospective owners of Osprey RIBs to share information about their boats, their boating experiences and to offer advice which is specific to the handling, fitting-out and maintenance of Ospreys. 


Unfortunately due to the mounting costs of the original site, we had been forced to move over to this new platform which allows advertising. In the transition it is unfortunate however the polish of the site has been lost, and it is no longer formatted so well or consitently.

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