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Osprey owner's manual - French

Sportsboat&RIB Vipermax article - English - 2009

CAD drawings for 6.5/7/7.8m Vipermax A-Frame .pdf (.dwg available on request) - 2007

Diver Magazine Viper article - English - 1993

Viper Brochure - English - 1994

XR20 Brochure - English - 1996

Complete Osprey Brochure - English - 1998/9


Build Threads


Blue Venom - Vipermax 6.2m

Oscar - Eagle 6.0m

Seaharrier rebuild


We have much more detail to be added here already but if you would be kind enough to compile a build thread of your Osprey then we would be very thankful if you could submit it to me at

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