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  As shown in the Owners' Boats section, there are many Ospreys dotted around the globe.  If you are a serious prospective buyer then there may be an opportunity to make contact with an owner near you and possibly be shown over one of our boats.


  This site has been set up to provide a resource for current owners of Osprey and Vector Marine craft and future owners of the eco-marine XR24, but also to act as a standard bearer for the brand for any person in the market for a high-performance, custom built RIB.


  Set up in early 2011 by Oliver Pollock, the site is regularly updated and new features are often added.  This is not a commercial website and is a purely private venture making use of freely available web publishing tools.  You will appreciate that as a result the website has certain limitations compared to expensively produced websites, but these cannot be avoided.  If you have any questions or suggestions then please do not hesitate to contact me.


  Please see "The boring legal bit" for the basis on which information and other material is collected and made available on the website.

  Many thanks must go to: David Manning, Kevin Dobson, Ron Stolp, Frank de Lange, Ian Mason, Andrew Grindey, Chris Stevens, Pete Rowlands, Chris Vanstone, Keith Ireland, David Pollock and everyone else who has contributed to the site. (Special thanks to non-Osprey owner Jeff Walker for kindly agreeing to design the logo!)


  If you would like to contact the official Osprey dealer in the UK, then please do so from here.

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