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  Purpose:  This is a non-commercial website and all the information and other material on the website is made available for the interest and personal use of owners and prospective owners of Osprey boats.  It should not be copied or reproduced for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

  Use of material:  Any contributions of relevant articles and photographs are gratefully received.  Any person contributing material to the website is deemed to give permission for such material to be published on the website for the limited purpose set out above.  Such permission may be revoked by notice in writing to the webmaster.

  Expressions of opinion:  Any views or opinions expressed on this website are purely personal.  Neither Osprey Owners' Association nor the webmaster endorse or accept any responsibility for any such personal opinions.

  Technical information:  Any descriptions of the Osprey models or components, including technical specifications, are based on information gleaned from official sources as modified by reports from actual owners.  None of the information has been independently verified and its accuracy should not be relied upon.  It is provided for personal use and interest only and no responsibility can be accepted by Osprey Owners' Association and/or the webmaster for any inaccuracy in the information presented.

  Personal data:  Any person submitting information about themselves and their boat for inclusion in the Owners' Boats database consents to that information being held and made available to other Osprey owners and prospective owners for the limited purpose set out above.

  Product endorsement:  This website has been set up in support of the Osprey range of craft.  However, it does not support or favour or endorse any components, such as particular manufacturers of engines.  The fact that links may be created to one manufacturer's website implies no preference for that make.  The webmaster is always happy to include links to the websites of suppliers who may be relevant to users of Osprey boats.

  Copyright:  The material on this website has been collated from a variety of sources.  Many of the photographs were contributed by the webmaster of the former website.  Others have been kindly added by owners and their friends.  Information has also been copied from public sources, including the internet.  Permission has been obtained to incorporate material which appears to be subject to copyright, but this permission only covers use on this website.  No material which is subject to copyright should be copied from this website and used elsewhere.  Osprey Owners' Association does not object to the use of any non-copyright material for non-commercial purposes elsewhere provided an appropriate acknowledgement of the source is made.  Please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster if you consider that anyone's copyright has been infringed by the use of material on this website and every attempt will be made to rectify this forthwith.


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