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  The Vipermax comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 5.8 to 7.8 metres.  She is a highly versatile craft and currently the most popular model in the Osprey range; she is perfect for family cruising, racing or diving.  There are many reviews of the craft online.  A Hotribs article featuring the Vipermax 6.5m can be found here.  Recently the 7m Vipermax Into the Red was featured in Sportsboat&RIBmagazine; the review is available here. The official brochure for the Vipermax can be found here.


  Developed from the original Viper range, the Vipermax is an evolution rather than a revolution; with a wider beam yet greater efficiency and speed, she is a highly dynamic boat, and as with all Ospreys, does not come in a standard package format.  She can be fitted to the prospective owners exact whim, with whatever console or seating facility which may be required.  Although she performs best with a lightweight two-stroke engine, she can be fitted with any engine desired by a purchaser.

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