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There are hundreds of Ospreys racing all over Europe, however followng the demise of mainstream RIB racing in the UK, the Netherlands has become the hotbed for racing where Ospreys are raced most heavily.  This page just includes some photos and links to Ospreys racing, past and present.



My Pleasure II is a Lynx 8.6m.  She is run by Gordon Compton, and regularly competes in offshore powerboat races. One of her most successful outings was in the 2008 Round Britain powerboat race which she competed in .  This video documents her progress.  She completed the trip 3rd in class, 5 hrs, 57 mins and 32 seconds behind the leader.  She also competed in the 2009 Cowes-Torquay-Cowes.  Video here.

Team Derksen-Infra run by Regine and Gert-Jan, compete in many offshore challenges each year.  This is their website.  They aslo take part in many cruises each year, and the photo above shows them in central London. They run two Lynxs.

The Rib race team Loosdrecht is a Dutch outfit that competes in the Netherlands in thier Lynx Black Terminator.  Their website can be found here.

Until the 2011 season, this red Lynx was run by the Hans Meijering race team, but now, it has joined the Team Derksen Infra fold.

Northern Diver  was a 26ft Lynx that attempted to circumnavigate Britain in 1999.  A record of its progress is found here.

Midnight Express is a 26ft Lynx that raced in Belgium for many years.  She is now a Dutch pleasure boat with a 225 Optimax

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