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  The XR range is one of the most traditional ranges within the Osprey stable.  Although she was conceived and produced by Osprey for many years, she has also been produced by both Vector Marine and eco-marine and the latter is currently in the final stages of producing a prototype for a new generation of RIB, based on this hull.  In 1992, an XR24  conquered all comers in the Round Scotland RIB race.  The XRs were produced as 18ft, 20ft and 24ft models.  The 1996 brochure for the XR20 can be found here.  Note that a well kept XR20 would be worth the same now as you bought it for then!


  At its conception the XR24 was way ahead of its time, employing close tolerance manufacturing methods and fibreglass decks which are now commonplace within the industry, but which were then highly innovative.  Pure racing boats were fitted with balsa-cored decks and were built much lighter; proving very fast in competition.  The boats earned an enviable reputation for high speed in the offshore racing arena.

This image shows the XR20 mould in a bit of a sad state shortly after being auctioned off in 1998

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