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  The Sparrowhawk is the smallest hard-nosed model in the range.  Younger brother to the Eagle, she shares all the same characteristics as her bigger brother.  Dependable, sure-footed handling combined with a large deck area and tremendous stability at rest render the Sparrowhawk ideal as both a compact dive boat or as a family sports boat.  She can be fitted with a variety of consoles and seating options, rendering her adaptable to any situation she could be entered into.  The official  brochure for all the hard-nose models is available here.

  In 1992 a Sparrowhawk owned by Pete Rowlands won Class A in the 1992 Round Scotland Race, despite conditions consistantly above force six, they completed it in around 6 hours.  A photo of the boat can be found below.  There was also a famous video before the departure of the boat, notable because it captured a couple of Osprey employees saying "That little boat won't ever make it round the top of Scotland today, it's forecast a force 6".  If anyone has a copy of this video, on VHS or other old media, then please get in contact with me!


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